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Earthfault Compensation Controller Since Arc Suppression Coils built a 50 Hz resonance circuit with the earth capacitance, the voltage between star point and earth changes according to the adjustment of the coil and has at exact resonance tuning a maximum. This behaviour of the neutral point displacement voltage is used for automatic tuning under load using continuously adjustable ASCs in connection with the controller EFC50.   •  Automatic control of the continuously variable ASC •  Works even with small displacement voltages Uo (0,1 - 0,3%)  •  Monitoring of the network status (recording function)  •  Faster control by parameter estimation  •  Display of the digital outputs via LEDs on the front panel  •  Simple operation with LCD screen and scroll wheel as well as different    menu languages  •  Central registration of alarm or fault signals of the ASC and     visualization via LEDs on the front panel  •  Flexible adaptation to net parameters by simple adjustment of various       control parameters  •  Software update via serial port terminal program EFCTerm       (Win95/Win98/NT)  •  Additional functions:  - automatic back step control during ground fault  - automatic resistance control (increasing residual current) - process control integration (on request)  - several controllers in the same network - Setting the ASC to a predefined position  - controlling an additional fixed ASC  •  Remote Control Interface possible Earthfault Compensation Controller with current injection EFC50i  •  Determination of the resonance curve by current injection  •  No coil adjustment for the calculation required  •  Reliable function even in very small desplacement voltages Uo •  Newly developed Current Injection Unit in 19'' rack mounting  •  Automatic switching in a control algorithm with coil adjustment when current injection is invalid  •  Current injection via the power auxiliary winding of ASC (possibly also on the voltage measuring    winding or auxiliary transformer)  •  No change in coil position necessary during computation  •  Fast calculation (2 ... 3 seconds)  •  Reliable operation even in very symmetrical networks  •  Inverse operation of the current injection possible                                          
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